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The journey of JBN Hospitality Private Limited, initiated in April 2014, unfolds with the collaborative vision of Karan and Rajat, both seasoned professionals in the Hospitality Industry. United by a shared commitment to providing unparalleled satisfaction to their clients, they set out to redefine the concept of customers as “Guests,” a term they continue to use with pride.

With a combined experience of over 12 years in the hospitality sector, Karan and Rajat bring a wealth of knowledge about the industry’s nuances and intricacies. Their background as Sales Professionals for more than 7 years reflects a strategic approach to understanding the market, adhering to the belief that excelling in marketing requires walking the path of sales first. This philosophy has equipped them with the skills to interpret and fulfill their “Guests'” requirements adeptly.

Hospitality, defined as “friendly & generous behavior towards guests” or “receiving & entertaining of guests, visitors or strangers with utmost liberality and good-will,” forms the cornerstone of JBN Hospitality. The duo, driven by a passionate desire to offer the best, founded the company, leveraging their decade-long experience in the industry.

Over the course of more than a decade in business, JBN Hospitality has proudly accumulated a roster of satisfied “Clients.” Karan and Rajat not only see their Guests as clients but celebrate their delight as their own. What sets them apart is their commitment to taking full ownership of each client’s event, providing unwavering support throughout. This dedication has not only earned them wonderful clients but also fostered long-lasting relationships, with clients returning for all their future requirements.

JBN Hospitality Private Limited distinguishes itself with a service approach that begins from the initial interaction with clients. Their humble yet professional and client-friendly demeanour, coupled with a solution-oriented mindset, has solidified their reputation in the industry. They offer comprehensive event management services, allowing clients to relinquish control and enjoy the occasion while JBN takes charge of every aspect, acting as an extended arm for the entire show.

At the core of JBN’s philosophy is the commitment to serving their Guests beyond mere satisfaction. This mantra encapsulates their dedication to ensuring that every interaction, event, and experience surpasses expectations, leaving a lasting impression on everyone they serve.


JBN HOSPITALITY PRIVATE LIMITED is a great visionary & a professional with a working experience of 10 years in the field of Tours, Travels, Hospitality and Event Management. The Company was registered under Indian Companies Act 1956, since then company has grown many folds in last 10+ years of its existence.


Add:  A-86, A Block, Ground Floor, Vikaspuri, New Delhi – 110018